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Xavier bio
Name: Xavier sometimes called Xav. Every now and then people assume that he is some kind of demon, but a djinn doesn't technically count as a demon so being called one makes him absolutely furious.
Age: He is around 116 human years old.
Species: Half Djinn. His human mother released a real Djinn from his prison and in return she got a single wish. She told the spirit that all she wished for was a special son so the djinn slept with her and then disappeared.  7 months later she gave birth to a small and weak baby with one blue and one silver eye, his hair was white and brown. The baby was so weak no one thought he'd survive, but time passed and with it Xavier got stronger and stronger.
Appearance: His appearance shifts constantly so I will not put much information in this section.
Powers: Xav inherited the ability to shapeshift from his father. He can change his guise freely to any species he knows or can imagine clearly in his head. While in a guise he can take on many of the crea
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Black Dust by BlazingFlameGraphics Black Dust :iconblazingflamegraphics:BlazingFlameGraphics 7 0
Mature content
Altacia Trinil contest entry :iconblazingflamegraphics:BlazingFlameGraphics 2 15
Mature content
Yue Rimfrost contest entry :iconblazingflamegraphics:BlazingFlameGraphics 3 19
The black stallion
A jet black eight legged stallion's hoofs hit the dirt with a force that rocked the ground under Loka's feet. The impressive animal continued to dance around impatiently but kept a watchful red eye on the tall woman who slowly got closer and closer to him.
As soon as she was close enough he aimed a kick in her direction but to his annoyance she easily dodged it and now she was even closer than before. Again he rose on his strong back legs, kicking his front hoofs threatening in the air before bringing them down with all his might. It sounded like a clap of thunder when his hoofs met the ground. A movement in the corner of his eye made him spin around and there she was again, closer. Lightning quick he lashed out with his teeth, expecting to bite her but his teeth snapped in thin air. Instead he felt something pulling his mane and shook his head ferociously but the hand didn't let go. As he thrust his head upwards Loka lost her footing and the force of the enormous animals movements thr
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Your highness
"Your highness, we risk invasion every day unless we act now.  We need to form alliances and prepare our soldiers." The deep voice of the man, standing on the opposite side of the massive old wooden table made Leander  look up from the map he had been studying.
Searchingly the prince met the steady gaze of Blueregad, his guardian. Unlike most people in Leander's presence  this man did not avert his eyes.
With a soft sigh the prince turned his attention back to the map that showed Irrandr and its neighbors, a soft rustling of feathers when Leander stretched his wing.
"It doesn't look good does it?" He asked with a dim weariness in his voice.
"No it doesn't your majesty" Blueregad agreed and bent over the map as well.
"We can safely assume that we are safe from the south, the largest threat comes from the east but I fear that others might grasp the opportunity to expand their borders."
He clipped his shimmering wings as he spoke, delivering the information in his usual mat
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Leander Solstar
Name: Leander Solstar, Crown prince of Irrandr
Age: Unknown but he looks to be in his mid twenties somewhere. 
Personality: Leander is humorous, joyful and positive. He can sometimes be a little too humorous and appear not to take some things seriously. He takes his duties as crown prince and ruler very seriously and always works hard to make sure his people are well. He prefers to solve things in a peaceful way, using words rather than bloody battles. Leander does anything for those he loves and is gentle by nature. He hardly ever force anyone unless it is about important matters. If things that he loves is threatened in any way he becomes serious and thoughtful, and he will remain like that until the problem is solved. Everything else will have to wait. He loves very strongly, but is also patient. He gives people the time they need. He laughs and smiles a lot and always treats everyone, even the servants, gentle and respectful. When he smiles his eyes sparkles and he looks like
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Pretty bird by BlazingFlameGraphics Pretty bird :iconblazingflamegraphics:BlazingFlameGraphics 12 99 I didn't do it! by BlazingFlameGraphics I didn't do it! :iconblazingflamegraphics:BlazingFlameGraphics 7 4 whats for dinner by BlazingFlameGraphics whats for dinner :iconblazingflamegraphics:BlazingFlameGraphics 10 6
Bond between strangers
Loka, the tall fox girl with blue fur and blue eyes and Ash, a dark skinned beauty with dark purple eyes and pink and blue hair that was put up in two buns on her head walked through the market place of the great city of Edrydar, the air was filled with smells of sweaty bodies, food and exotic flowers. Everywhere there were shopkeepers that tried to get the bypasses attention. Ash skipped happily between the market stalls. She haggled over jewelry or capes. With a skillful eye she separated quality from junk and she quickly haggled the price down to ridiculous sums. All this she did with a big smile on her face. In her wake came Loka. She looked around, without much interest. She already had all she needed and she did not see the point in wasting her money on useless. It was a crowded day at the marketplace, everywhere there where bodies trying to get somewhere, soon Loka had lost Ash in sight and she came to a halt. Someone behind her muttered and pushed his way past her. She did not
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Loka Lavernas char profile of doom by BlazingFlameGraphics Loka Lavernas char profile of doom :iconblazingflamegraphics:BlazingFlameGraphics 8 44
The poisonous forest
The blue fox girl stopped in the middle of a small highway, hardly more than a pathway. It had not been traveled on for some time and black weeds grew on it, making an odd contrast to the field on both sides. It was early summer and the grass should reach to her waist. Instead it lay wilted on the ground. She looked around with a grim face, then she let her blue gaze wander along the path. Her face darkened when her eyes fell on the forest, in which the path led. The trees where bare and black and nothing grew on the ground except the strange black weed and poisonous mushrooms. The ground was also covered with rotating leafs that gave of a decomposing odor. Loka adjusted her swords for easier reach and for a second she considered to summon her saber tooth feline Avaric. She decided not to. After all she liked to see what she was up against before waist energy on summoning.
She closed her eyes for a second before taking the first steps in to the dying forest.
The first thing she
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Sisters forever by BlazingFlameGraphics Sisters forever :iconblazingflamegraphics:BlazingFlameGraphics 6 9 My precious by BlazingFlameGraphics My precious :iconblazingflamegraphics:BlazingFlameGraphics 5 23 Silly smile by BlazingFlameGraphics Silly smile :iconblazingflamegraphics:BlazingFlameGraphics 13 18

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Hi everyone! 
I just wanted to tell you that I have a new skype because I got flooded with friendrequests from totally random people from all kinds of countries. It got kind of annoying to get 10 requests a day ^^;

Anyway I have changed username now so send me a note if you want my new skype or don't if you don't ;) It might be a good idea to include your DA username if you send a request ^~^


Sandra Bondesson
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
My name is Sandra Bondesson. I love to photograph animals and nature. I recently discovered a new passion, beadwork. I am still a beginner and lerning but so far I love it.
In my spare time I also love to be with al our horses and other animals.We currently have 2 cats, 2 dogs, 1 turtle and lots of chikens.
If you want to get in touch my email an msn is: I can be a bit slow when it comes to answering email, give me a poke here if I havn't answered in a while

My name:…

Current Residence: Påboda
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XL
Favourite genre of music: changes way more often than once a week
Favourite photographer: me^^
Favourite style of art: It's hard to explain
Operating System: Windows Vista
Favourite cartoon character: buggs bunny



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